When my husband and I finally decided it was time to fix up our yard, we chose P&P Landscaping.  We checked other companies, but when we saw the work that Paul did, we knew we found our contractor.  During the job, Paul always had time to answer all our questions and give us helpful advice.  I used to joke with my husband that we had the ugliest house on the block, but now, we have the prettiest.

P&P Landscaping has made coming home a pleasure.  Thank you to Paul and his crew for making something I thought would be a drawn out and unbearable time, to a job done quickly and efficiently.

Cathy & Mike Thompson


FROM: George Ohanesian, North Bergen, NJ
DATE: August 2, 2013

First, I have been working with Paul for about 15 years.  He did my front yard which is small BUT it is located on a cliff-face, so it was a challenge.  The competition proposed putting up some rocks, throw some dirt in and making one big dirt pile.  Paul, however, spent time to explain how putting terraced areas up was the right thing to do to prevent dirt runoff !!  Also, he made it clear how the "wall" needed to be properly installed by making an actual foundation of the blocks so that the wall would retain its integrity and strength over the years.  He also put in the necessary underlying protective coverings underground to prevent runoff as well.  All in all the wall is PERFECT, it has lasted lots of years and the terrace idea allows us some creativity in making it look certainly professionally done .... but also, pretty.

Beyond this initial big project Paul always does my annual maintenance work and has ALWAYS taken time to explain what he recommends, why, and he schedules our relatively small job in a timely fashion .... all for a very reasonable price!  His service and pricing can't be beat.

So it is the combination of his very high expertise, his attention to detail, his willingness to discuss and work with you on your projects and, beyond all, his great attitude in dealing with we picky customers without even blinking or pausing his smile!!  And his great staff Kelli will always come through for you as well !! Hope this helps in your decision to hire P&P. If you need more you can call me, I am listed.

George Ohanesian


June 1, 2012
P&P Landscaping Inc.
P. 0. Box 2016
Cliffside Park, New Jersey 07010

Dear Paul,

Just a note to thank you and your staff for a job well done!  Your design and workmanship enhanced the "curb appeal" of my home at least 1000%.

The new perennial garden and stone walkway exceeded my expectations. From start to finish, your service was prompt and reliable. I am absolutely loving the work you did. Thanks again.

Valerie Ferraro


436 Teaneck Road
Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 07660

P&P Landscaping played an instrumental role in maintaining our backyard. Always shady and facing north it seemed as not much can grow there but Paul's team managed to keep the grass green and the plants growing perfectly with fast, timely and immaculate service.

When we decided to renovate and upgrade our backyard to pavers I had to look no further.  After getting few estimates from local contractors in the area, I called P&P for assessment and a quote, since the business is family owned and operated.  I've received and unbeatable price for quality product and service.  Having two children I was afraid the process of laying pavers will seriously impose on our daily routine however when the team came in they were all about business, true professionals of this caliber are hard to find.  Without wasting any time, working from dawn to dusk with few short breaks they were able to turn our backyard into a quality patio in less than three days.

On the day we met P&P's assessment and structural proposal was much better from what I had in mind, from that moment on I knew I can count on these guys and rely on their established expertise.  Considering all of the structural and landscaping caveats Paul made solid suggestions that will work in our favor for years to come.

We are already enjoying our new patio as a family and hoping to do so for years to come, which to me is priceless.  Overall I am extremely satisfied with the services provided and willing to share the experience with anyone who's interested in making their yard a better place.

Happy Customer,